Sarmade (Eternity) Project






































The idea of this project is (contact with religion). Many works can be employed with this idea of religion because religion, evidently, exists as well as dominant in every aspect of our life.

Consequently, this project preparation took almost a year that twenty one Artists participated for the reason that all the works in the exhibition have passed through various forms and ideas until finally came to the realization the exhibition.

The exhibition was on March 6th, 2007.

Religion Ritual

This work was exhibited in a dark room that only red numbers could bee seen. A contact is made with the work and a bunch of numbers on the body of anyone who passes through the room.

There were 52 numbers installed in the ceiling, floor, and walls of the room. These numbers were sent from one side to the other, such as form the ground to the ceilings, to the opposite side, and vice versa.

The numbers were symbolizing the number of Fridays in one year. Fridays are sacred days and encompass religion rituals in Islam. As every other religion rituals with an interpretation in favour of the principle of survival generation after generation religion rituals are refurbishing, existing, as well as repeating.

At this point, if you believe religion or not, you make contact with it; you make touch as well as contact with its questions, responses and attributes.


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